The Bulgarian coastguard police has used force to evacuate the Libyan crew on the Libyan vessel Badr that is docked in a Bulgarian port, a joint statement by the National Company of Sea Transport and Ports Authority revealed Saturday.

The statement said the Bulgarian authorities have violated the international conventions and laws by using force to coerce the Libyan crew into leaving the vessel and then seizing it.

"Badr vessel is a Libyan property. It is seized in Bulgaria although a Bulgarian court has delivered a final verdict for the Libyan National Company of Sea Transport allowing the vessel to sail back to Libya." The statement says.

Badr is seized in Bulgaria over a lawsuit against Libya.

Despite the court order, Bulgarian coastguard authorities did not allow the vessel to sail back to Libya.

According to the statement, the Bulgarian police handed over the Libyan vessel's control to a new crew right after forcefully exciting the Libyan one.

"We are in contact with local and international organizations and authorities in order to put an end to the blatant violation done by the Bulgarian authorities." The statement explained.