The Media Office of the Bunyan Marsoos Operation confirmed that the burial place of the Egyptian Copts who were beheaded by ISIS in Sirte in 2015 has been located.

The Bunyan Marsoos Operation, which was the force that defeated ISIS in their main city of Sirte, said in a statement issued today that after interrogating ISIS prisoners who were captured after the war, they were able to identify and question one of the eyewitnesses and perpetrators of the horrifying event.

The witness provided, according to the Media Office, accurate details of the bloody day and the names of some of the executors. He also provided the name of the director of brutal video and the site in which the massacre was carried out, in addition to the burial site of bodies in the area of Khashoum Khail, south of Sirte.

The Media Office added that it was this admission and statement that led the Attorney General's Office to the burial place of corpses, which were exhumed on Friday morning to complete DNA tagging procedures then later deliver the deceased to their relatives.