A bomb-laden car went off near a security building in the war-ravaged city of Benghazi on Friday, police say.

Benghazi Security Department said a Hyundai vehicle was remotely detonated outside the Passport Authority building in Bodzirah area in Al-Kwayfiya district, 7 km north of downtown Benghazi.

The explosion caused damage to the building and the security vehicles guarding it. Four security guards were wounded, according to eyewitnesses.

The Passport Authority in Bodzirah is under the control of so-called Special Tasks Force, an armed group of Awaqir tribe led by Faraj Egaim, the Deputy Minister of Interior in the government of Tripoli-based Presidential Council.

Sources indicated that the target was the security guards of the Special Tasks Force and not the passport building.

Benghazi has seen a rapid rise in the number of killing, abduction and explosions. Several crimes were committed while the perpetrators are still at large.


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