The members boycotting the Constitution Drafting Assembly entailed the discussion of the entangled issues among the members with the CDA’s consent to get rid of the latest draft put by its Work Committee.

In a Friday statement, the boycotters explained that the controversial issues they rejected of the latest draft are included in the chapters of the legislative and executive authorities, local governing, natural resources, and the capital.

“Once we come to terms regarding these entanglements, the constitutional track will be resumed, and thus, the final draft of the constitution will be endorsed and put out to polls for the Libyan people.” The statement reads.

Nine western boycotting members have continued to decline to rejoin the CDA after four others rejoined in the wake of the dismissal decision of the CDA Head, Ali Al-Tarhouni by Al-Bayda Appeals Court and High National Election Commission.

“We are holding dearly on to the national constants, equality, citizenship, and qualification of nomination, renouncement of tribalism, and regionalism in drafting the constitution.” The statement reads, adding that the southern and eastern delegations who came toTripoli are not authorized to give proposals.