President of Chechnya Ramadan Kadyrov has carried out talks with the Libyan delegation of Al-Bonyan Al-Marsoos in Moscow over the Russian cargo ship detained in Libyan waters since 5 March.

"We discussed the situation in Libya, I expressed my opinion on ways of settling the case, special attention was also paid to the need to take all possible actions in order to release our seven sailors detained in Libya since March 5th," Kadyrov said on his Instagram.

Kadyrov also said that the Libyan delegation reassured him that they would take all necessary steps to resolve this case.

He added that a clear response by the official authorities of Libya about the reasons for the detention of the sailors has not yet been given.

“I received assurances that all steps will be taken to solve this problem,” he remarked.

The Russian cargo ship Merle was intercepted near the coast of Libya last month by Libya's coast guard in Zawia and transferred later to Tripoli.