Clashes erupted out of the blue Tuesday afternoon at Tripoli old town and around Musheer marketplace between Nawasi brigade of the UN-proposed government's interior ministry and a brigade from the military council of the old town.

According to social media, the reason behind the clashes is Nawasi brigade's forces attempt to arrest a fighter from the brigade of the military council of the old city.

"The person who was being sought by Nawasi was accused of speculations at the black market leading to a dramatic hike in exchange rates with the dollar reaching 10 dinars after recovering over the last few days." Different sources reported.

The sources confirmed that one civilian was killed by a random gunshot and three others were wounded, however; they didn't say if the clashing parties lost any casualties in the clashes, which ended rather quickly after local parties managed to contain the fight.

All shops - gold, goods, and restaurants - closed their doors at Musheer marketplace due to the clashes, with some returning to work after the end of the clashes.