Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dbeibah chaired a meeting on Monday that grouped Minister of Transport Mohamed Al-Shahoubi, the head of the Ports Authority, Libyan Investment Authority Chairman Ali Mahmoud Hassan, and international experts to discuss the development and investment of Libyan seaports.

During the meeting, Al-Shahoubi outlined the ongoing efforts by the Ports and Transport authorities, in collaboration with the LIA to develop several ports. 

He emphasized incorporating global expertise to enhance port performance, aiming to make Libyan ports a hub for African imports, as stated by the "Hakomitna" platform on Facebook.

Dbeibah welcomed the cooperation between the Ministry of Transport and the LIA to find suitable investment opportunities that will enhance the readiness of Libyan ports and enable them to compete regionally and internationally.

The meeting also highlighted the importance of local investment institutions seeking successful investment opportunities within Libya, achieving good investment returns, and contributing to national development.