Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah expressed his rejection of any maneuver aimed at dividing or monopolizing power in the country.

He told his cabinet ministers on Monday that "some parties" want to monopolize decision-making in Libya, which can never happen, as he put it.

Dbeibah addressed in Monday's meeting the mass demonstrations that spread across the country last Friday in the capital Tripoli and elsewhere, demanding the overthrow of all political bodies in protest of the deteriorating living conditions and the political deadlock.

Elections are the sole solution to solving the crisis in the country, says Dbeibah, insisting that the slogan 'No to Extension' runs on all parties, especially those who have been in power for eight or ten years.

"The government took power at a specific time, but it faced many obstacles, on top of which, are chaos, oil shutdown, and failure to approve the budget."

He urged not to exploit the demonstrations or put institutions and cities in a state of tension through the intimidation of citizens, using force, torching buildings, or attacking institutions.

Last Friday, thousands took to the streets in major Libyan cities with several demands, including a fresh political leadership and an end to the chronic power cuts that exceeded 12 hours a day. PM Dbeibah said he is joining his voice to the protesters and expressed support for their demands.