The Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah said, in a meeting Tuesday with the Minister of Transportation Mohammed Al-Shahoubi and a number of officials, that there's a need for launching basic road projects in 2023, urging for committing to a set of measures under the supervision of the Ministry of Transportation, such as starting after finishing technical procedures, setting deadlines, contracting international advisory offices, coordinating with the Audit Bureau in contracting procedures, supporting private sector and partnering with foreign companies for the exchange of expertise.

Dbeibah's media office said on Facebook that the Head of the Transportation Projects Implementation Agency, Sami Al-Ghabash, gave a presentation at the meeting about this year's plan, confirming the completion of contractual procedures and their approval by the Audit Bureau for a number of road projects.

"Ubari-Ghat 360 km long, Ajdabiya-Jalu 250 km long, are two of the road projects, in addition to roadworks on coastal road (Tawergha-Ras Ajdair) 300 km long, (Al-Aziziya-Nalut-Ghadames) and (Tobruk-Emsaid) 150 km as well as (Al-Shweirif-Brak) 140 km." It added.

The Head of the Transportation Projects Implementation Agency indicated that work on these projects will start soon, as they will be implemented by specialized companies, which will contribute to fixing destructed roads.