Head of Government of National Unity, Abdul Hameed Dbeibah, has welcomed confirmation of the US embassy in Libya that the agreement concluded on compensation related to the Lockerbie incident would not be re-opened, in the wake of the controversy that accompanied the process of extraditing the Libyan citizen Abu Agila Masud to the United States of America.

 Dbeibah wrote, on his Facebook account: "I welcome the confirmation of the United States of America not to re- open the agreement concluded on compensation, and the issuance of a Criminal Red Card from Interpol, which I previously confirmed to our Libyan people, who were subjected to a massive disinformation campaign."

Earlier on Wednesday, the US embassy said, "The process of transferring Abu-Agila Masud to the custody of the United States for trial on charges related to the bombing of Pan Am 103 was legal and was carried out in cooperation with the Libyan authorities," stressing US commitment to the agreement concluded with Libya not to reopen the compensation file of the case.