The Libyan Ministry of Health said that the number of deaths following Tripoli clashes that took place on Thursday and Friday reached 16 people and injuries reached 52.

The Ministry of Health said that all of the injured people are receiving medical treatment in public sector hospitals in Tripoli.

Tripoli saw heavy clashes between Special Deterrence Force (SDF) and Presidential Security Guard because the latter attacked an SDF senior leader named Essam Harous.

The Presidential Council, as the Chief Commander of the Army, assigned the Chief of General Staff of Libyan Army, Mohammed Al-Haddad, and the temporary Minister of Interior Badr Al-Toumi to supervise and follow up the ceasefire in Tripoli.

Although the spokesman for the Government of National Unity, Mohammed Hammouda, confirmed the commitment of the SDF to stop the fighting after the intervention of the Head of the Presidential Council and the Prime Minister, eyewitnesses confirmed that the clashes continued in Ain Zara until hours after the ceasefire was announced, adding that what happened was reducing the intensity of clashes and limiting them to a specific area in the vicinity of what is known as Al-Saadawi camp in Ain Zara.

Uneasy calm has prevailed in clashes' areas amid mobilizations from different sides, those which clashed Thursday and others.