The embassy of The Philippines in Libya's capital, Tripoli, has called on its nationals who work in medical centers and hospitals to be vigilant as fighting and attacks continue to break in southern parts of the city.

The Filipino ambassador, Oscar Orcine, has confirmed that all nationals are safe and secure without any recorded casualties despite the fact that many medical facilities have been targeted in recent clashes.

“But anywhere when clashes take place, there is always the danger to innocent civilians of getting hit and injured in the crossfire, or becoming victims of indiscriminate shelling,” Orcine told The Manila Times on Sunday.

Libya's medical facilities still suffer from acute shortages of staffers - doctors and nurses as well as other medics - as most of the foreign workers; mainly from the Philippines, returned to their countries due to clashes and lack of security.

Tripoli's southern areas had been the scene for renewed clashes that led to the killing of injuring of scores over the last three weeks.