The Libyan West Coast region: from Al-Zawiya to Zuwara, has been seeing some sort of security tension, armed reinforcements, and the closure of main roads, due to the arrest of the so-called "Abdo Al-Kabo" by the security units by orders of the General Attorney's Office.

According to the security unit that implemented the arrest warrant, Al-Kabo is a notorious militia commander from Al-Zawiya, who is wanted by the Attorney General's Office on charges of committing several crimes, including murder and kidnapping, in addition to his suspected involvement in smuggling fuel, people and drugs.

Sources from the region said that the arrest of Al-Kabo took place at dawn on Tuesday in Ras Ajdir area while he was on his way to Tunisia accompanied by a number of members of his militia. They added that tension began since the news of his arrest spread, and then a group loyal to his militia, based in Zuwara city, blocked the road and isolated the armed unit that arrested and prevented them from leaving Zuwara toward Tripoli.

The coastal road's Oil Refine Bridge was also closed with sand berms by the gunmen, in addition to blocking the road between Al-Jamil and Zuwara. The sources indicated that there were attempts by one of the elders of Al-Zawiya to release the arrested person to prevent conflict. 

The security unit members who arrested Al-Kabo were taken into custody in Zuwara and had refused to release him in return of their freedom. The situation is still ongoing and unclear.