The Libyan Ministry of Defense targeted with drone strikes the vicinity of Al-Zawiya city and the Al-Ajilat town - west of the Al-Zawiya - at a time when the Libyan Presidential Council reaffirmed its support for the military operation launched by the Government of National Unity (GNU) in the western coast.

Eyewitnesses said that the strikes targeted warehouses in Al-Maya area, south of Al-Zawiya, and sites of immigrants' smuggling groups in Al-Ajilat, west of Al-Zawiya.

The Ministry of Defense announced the end of the first phase of the military operations in the west coast region. The operations were launched by the government on May 25 against "the hideouts of fuel and drug smuggling gangs, and human and weapons traffickers."

"The results of the first phase of the operations included the destruction of seven boats used for human trafficking, six warehouses for drug dealers, weapons and equipment used by criminal gangs, and nine tanks used to smuggle fuel abroad." A statement by the Ministry of Defense said. 

In an emergency meeting on Tuesday, the Presidential Council approved the operation in western coast cities and towns in response to the calls by the locals of Al-Zawiya and other areas for stability and security in their region.