The Libyan Attorney General’s (AG) Office has issued a statement announcing the arrival in custody of the arrested militia leader, Andelraouf Al-Kabo, to the Tripoli headquarters after he was detained by security units in Zuwara, hailing the efforts of the transfer of the wanted criminal by the security apparatuses in the region where “Al-Kabo" was detained in cooperation with the Law Enforcement Department, reopening coastal road from Tripoli to Ras Ajdair. 

AL-Kabo - from Al-Zawiya city - was detained while coming back to Libya from Tunisia via Ras Ajdair border. The security unit members who apprehended Al-Kabo were intercepted by gunmen loyal to Al-Kabo in Zuwara. 

Libyan Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah instructed the commanders of 12 military and security apparatuses to form a force of 450 armed vehicles in order to bring the wanted, and to restore traffic on the coastal road after it was blocked by loyalists of Al-Kabo calling for his release. 

The AG, Al-Siddiq Al-Sour, received Tuesday evening a delegation of elders from the cities of Al-Zawiya and Zuwara. His Office said in a statement that the members of the delegation requested clarification of the legal procedures taken against Al-Kabo. The Office also announced the arrest of 65 persons for committing violations against residents in Al-Zawiya, in addition to the detention of nine drug dealers.