Dr. Mohamed Ajram, an ophthalmologist in Benghazi, has disappeared after criticizing the authorities in the eastern region over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ajram appeared on the pro-Haftar channel "Al-Hadath" and blew the whistle that nothing is being done to combat the novel coronavirus.

He indicated that hospitals lack appropriate sites to receive Covid-19 patients, " People who come to the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms walk from ward to ward to have their tests and checkups and this risks passing on the virus to other negative patients," Ajram explained.

"Doctors and health care providers risk their lives every day as they deal with patients without any protective clothing and equipment," he added.

He pointed out that all of this is happening while the authorities are insisting that 300 million dinars have been allocated for the Covid-19 crisis.

After his interview, doctor Ajram posted on his Facebook account "I have just been interrogated, and I was summoned to appear before the "chief of staff" Abdul Razzaq al-Nazuri. Ajarm has not been contactable since that post, while his whereabouts remain unknown according to friends.