A source from Derna city confirmed that Derna Shura Council fighters shot down a warplane (MIG23) for Khalifa Haftar-led Dignity Operation air force in eastern Libya.

The aircraft was downed when it was bombarding some locations in Derna, the source added, saying the pilot and the co-pilot were detained after the ejected themselves on as the warplane was going down.

Pro-Haftar media outlets confirmed as well the downing incident, saying the aircraft took off from Tobruk airbase and the pilot was Adel Al-Jihani and the co-pilot was Wael Al-Wakwak, citing reliable sources from Haftar's air force.

They also confirmed that the pilot and the co-pilot were detained by Derna Shura Council, adding no more details.

The spokesman of media office of Derna Shura Council, Mohammed Al-Mansouri, said the pilot Adel Al-Jihani died from his wounds shortly after his detention.

Last week, Dignity Operation warplanes raided Derna entrances for three consecutive days to pave the way to attacking the city by the ground troops of Haftar's Dignity Operation, which has been besieging the city for over a year now.

Meanwhile, the most important item of Haftar and Fayez Al-Sirraj's agreement in Paris last Tuesday was a nationwide ceasefire to pave the way for national reconciliation.