The eastern government of Abdullah Al-Thanni has urged Tripoli residents to help what it called "Libyan Army" and turn against Tripoli military brigades.

"We invite Tripoli residents in particular and residents of western Libyan in general to unite, reinforce their efforts and stand together against Tripoli militias." A statement by Al-Thanni government said on Thursday.

Reacting to the latest tension in Tripoli, the statement called them to give a hand to the "Libyan army," Khalifa Haftar's de facto armed groups from Zintan and Wirshiffana, to protect the citizens and state institutions in the capital.

Al-Thanni's call to Tripoli residents seems a little bit strange, as he is incapable of protecting himself or his institutions in Al-Bayda. He was prevented from travelling twice by Haftar's armed groups. His foreign ministry was also attacked this week by tribal gunmen who demanded positions in some of Libyan embassies abroad. In June, his deputy foreign minister Hassan Al-Saghayar was snatched from his hotel by armed gunmen who demanded him to issue diplomatic passports for some militia leaders.

Al-Thanni is trying to gain advantage of Tuesday's tension in Tripoli, which has been already contained, to incite violence and disturb social peace in the capital.

Tripoli municipalities and Misrata met in Tripoli Thursday night and announced that tension between some Misrata brigades and others from Tripoli's Abu Salim district is over. They also agreed to keep the capital away from military and political polarizations, as it's the place that contains all Libyans.