The Egyptian Foreign Minister, Sameh Shoukry, has stated that the presence of foreign mercenaries and forces in Libya badly affects its national security and that of its neighboring states.

In a virtual meeting on Libya for the African Peace and Security Council, Shoukry said Egypt had warned a year ago of the consequences of the continuation of conflict in Libya and said it could take measures to protect its national security and maintain power balance.

"The international community didn't take strict measures to end foreign forces and mercenaries' presence in Libya and this begs for Aftican unified stance to support the role of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission in Libya to help withdraw them. The international community must hold the hindering parties and individuals accountable because the continuation of foreign military presence in Libya gives fertile environmental for terrorism and allows terrorists to move in the region, threatening international peace and security." Shoukry explained.

He suggested that the meeting of the the Peace and Security Council confirm the need for an unconditional, organized exit of foreign forces and mercenaries, in addition to completing the structure of the African agreement for fighting mercenary work in the continent, urging the countries that sent mercenaries to return them to their states and holding accountable those who support mercenaries.

Shoukry urged for more cooperation on the African level to monitor the movement of mercenaries and to devise a mechanism to exchange information with laws being put into use to fight this dangerous act, let alone establishing centers for rehabilitation and integration of the fighters of armed groups after carrying out large-scale disarming campaigns.