Libya's Supreme Judiciary Council's Lawsuits Department on Sunday said that the South Cairo First Instance Court has canceled the judicial fees orders in the case of Hanna Habib heirs filed against the Libyan state.

The department confirmed on its Facebook page that the judgment is duly executory due to the expiry of the deadlines set for the right to appeal.

The ruling issued by the South Cairo Court had spared the public treasury a loss estimated at 350 million Egyptian pounds, which is the value of the administrative seizure signed on the Libyan state funds with some banks and other bodies in Egypt.

The court issued its final ruling on the grievance lodged by the Lawsuits Department on behalf of the Libyan state, which requires the acceptance of the grievance in form, and to cancel the two orders of estimating the fees referred to.

The court also obligated the defendant to pay the expenses and the attorney fees, confirming that this judgment has become final and has passed the deadlines set for the right to appeal, per the Egyptian Procedure Law.

The South Cairo First Instance Court in Egypt had issued a ruling obliging the Libyan state to compensate Nevin Kamel Habib and the heirs of Nicola Hanna Habib with an estimated amount of $ 261 million due to the nationalization of 200 hectares on Al-Sawani road, Tripoli, in 1970.

The case goes back to the 1960s, when an Egyptian family of Palestinian origin owned 200 hectares (about 700 acres) on the Al-Sawani road, Tripoli, before it was nationalized according to Law No. 135 of 1970.

By this law, many properties were transferred under pressure to the state, while the owners had to settle with the state's compensation.

Hanna Habib's family has been filing cases since the 1980s against the Libyan state before the Egyptian courts, but they were dismissed for lack of jurisdiction.