Libya's ambassador to the United Nations, Al-Taher El Sonni, stressed that Libyan ownership and leadership of any political process is the key to the solution that leads the country to stability and the imposition of state sovereignty away from any external dictations and interference.

El Sonni called at the UN Security Council session on Libya on Monday for support for sincere national efforts that seek to produce a comprehensive Libyan national solution, regretting the failure to hold the elections that all the Libyan people aspired to, in order to get out of "the vicious circle, renew legitimacy, and end the current division".

He also expressed his support for the efforts of the UN envoy to Libya, Abdoulaye Bathily, his proposals to end the current political crisis, and his attempts to find a dialogue method that would bring together the five main Libyan parties to discuss the challenges that hinder the completion of the political process and the holding of general elections.

El Sonni stressed the importance of having a common ground for the success of such a dialogue, and for everyone to deal positively with the preparatory meetings, without preconditions, in order to give priority to the Libyan public interest and make compromises for the sake of the country, as well as for the purpose of this dialogue to be primarily aimed to resolve the points of contention to find a state of consensus among all parties to reach presidential and parliamentary elections to end divisions as well as all fragile transitional stages.

He also pointed out that the Libyan people were upset with the double standards that were exposed during the brutal aggression against Gaza, stressing that it is shameful for countries that "look at us with human rights principles to continue their approach in supporting the aggression."