The Head of the Emergency and Rapid Response Committee of the Government of National Unity, Badr Al-Deen Al-Toumi, discussed with USAID Mission Director John Cardenas coordination of response efforts to the repercussions of the floods by providing urgent needs to people and rebuilding the destructed areas.

The meeting was attended by government spokesman Mohammed Hammouda, head of the international cooperation team, Mohamed Ben Halim, and a number of officials from the Ministry of Local Governing, as Al-Toumi presented a general review on the efforts of the Government of National Unity to respond to the impact of the floods. 

He pointed out that the government's steps in the recovery process are taking several tracks: housing the displaced in decent homes, providing basic services such as education and health, as well as providing places to shelter the displaced in areas close to their original places of residence.

The USAID mission director stressed that the agency would work to implement a current response and a long-term response, through which it could provide various types of support in the field of health, psychological aid, and sheltering the displaced.

They also discussed ways to enhance cooperation between the Emergency and Rapid Response Committee and the USAID through a rapprochement project, with regard to expanding the scope of the project’s work to include all impacted municipalities to implement some maintenance and development work in the infrastructure of educational institutions, roads and bridges.