EU renews call for halt of military operations in Libya

EU renews call for halt of military operations in Libya

December 23, 2019 - 21:07
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Written By: AbdulkaderAssad

The European Union has repeated its appeal to all Libyan parties to cease all military action and resume political dialogue in light of the continuing escalation in Libya, particularly around Tripoli.

In a statement on Monday, the EU said "there is no military solution to the crisis in Libya. The only way to resolve it must be political, negotiated on the basis of the proposals recently advanced by the United Nations".

"All members of the international community must observe and respect the United Nations arms embargo. The EU strongly supports efforts by UN Special Envoy Ghassan Salamé and the Berlin process as the only way to relaunch the Libyan political process and the rebuilding of a peaceful, stable, and secure Libya," the statement reads.

The EU also indicated that all participants in the Berlin process should make an effort in a constructive way to reach a peaceful solution to the conflict, which preserves Libyan sovereignty and is negotiated in the interests of all Libyans.

The Berlin international conference on Libya was slated for last November but got put off to an unspecified date in 2020 as Libya stakeholders hadn't reached a common ground for a solution in Libya.