The Executive Secretary of the Community of Sahel and Saharan States Ado Al-Hajji Abu, began his work on Saturday at the permanent headquarters in the capital, Tripoli.

The delegation of the General Secretariat of the Community of Sahel and Saharan States arrived on Friday morning, headed by Ado Al-Hajji Abu, and was received by the Minister of Youth, the Prime Minister’s envoy to Africa, Fathallah El-Zeni, and a number of directors of departments and offices in the Ministries of Labor and Foreign Affairs.

The Executive Secretary and the rest of the delegation are participating in the work of the Conference of Labor Ministers in Tripoli, which is scheduled to start on Monday.

Ado Al-Hajji Abu and Minister of Labor Ali Al-Abed attended a meeting to discuss the preparations for the Conference of Labor Ministers, as they reviewed the agenda and work mechanism of the technical committee in the conference.

The conference, which will be held under the slogan (A Safe Mediterranean and a Stable South) from 27 to 28 November in Tripoli will discuss the establishment of a database and information that includes developing an action plan to enhance joint cooperation between the Sahel and Sahara countries, establish ways of peace and security in the region, and a number of related files.