The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, opened on Monday in Tripoli the activities of the Conference of Labor Ministers of the Community of Sahel-Saharan States, accompanied by the Executive Secretary of the Community, Ado Al-Hajji Abu, with the participation of labor ministers from all the states of the Community and ambassadors of European Union countries related to the immigration file. The Conference was held under the slogan “A Safe Mediterranean and a Stable South.”

The Conference started with a speech by the Minister of Labor and Rehabilitation, Chairman of the Conference, Ali Al-Abed, who hailed the government’s support for holding this important African meeting.

Meanwhile, Dbeibah welcomed the distinguished participation of all the labor ministers of the Community, which "confirms Libya’s recovery and its return to its African and regional role," stressing the necessity of cooperation and solidarity to return the Community to its normal role and increase economic and security cooperation of the states, reaffirming Libya’s support for the efforts to return the Community to work from its permanent headquarters in Tripoli. 

The Executive Secretary of the Community reaffirmed in his speech Libya’s return to playing its African role, praising the Prime Minister’s efforts to hold this important meeting, stressing the importance of discussing the illegal immigration file through the labor ministers and organizing the labor file in all its aspects.

The European Union ambassador, Nicola Orlando, hailed Libya’s main role in organizing labor in countries of origin by creating training and qualification opportunities for African workers in their countries through cooperation with the European Union and countries affected by immigration.

He praised the protocol submitted by Libya in this work and the conference on organizing movements and work visas between countries of origin and transit, which contributes to organizing technical workers and providing decent job opportunities for them.

The Conference activities is held over two days, and the first day’s work focused on discussing the unemployment situation in member states and the solutions proposed by each country as well as exchanging experiences in this regard. 

The second day’s work will focus on the possibility of establishing a mechanism for exchanging information, data and research between member states through establishing a job and rehabilitation center.