An explosion rocked the Cancillo checkpoint in Al-Jufra, 30 km western Wddan town and conflicting news followed about the cause of the blast.

Military sources said a car bomb went off Wednesday morning as it hit the checkpoint, while other sources said IS terror group was behind the attack using RPGs.

Meanwhile, Waddan Hospital’s director Mahmoud Al-Haj Ahmed said the explosion left three of Haftar's forces killed and four others injured, saying two arrived in Waddan hospital and the two others to Al-Afiya hospital in Hun town.

Mohammed Al-Ghusri, the spokesman for the Defense Ministry, said IS terrorists attacked Cancillo checkpoint of Dignity Operation and destroyed the military vehicles in there.

“Three fighters were killed and others were injured. Residents must take caution while passing by the road of the checkpoint.” Al-Ghusri added.

Al-Jufra has been controlled by forces loyal to Khalifa Haftar since the pullout of Benghazi Defense Brigades since last June.