Fighting erupts in Libya's Tripoli

Fighting erupts in Libya's Tripoli

September 09, 2016 - 22:12
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Written By: AbdullahBenIbrahim

Clashes broke out between armed brigades from Tripoli and Misrata in the Libyan capital on Friday.

Sources said Tripoli's Bashir Sadawi brigade clashed with the Presidential Guard of the High Council of State in Sidi Al-Masri district, some 2 km away from the HQ of the council.

Heavy gunfire could be heard in the surrounding districts.

The clashes started at around 7:00 pm after the Presidential Guard, mainly from Misrata, confiscated two military vehicles from Bashir Sadawi Brigade, which is based in Sidi Al-Masri district, earlier in the day, the sources added.

Later, the brigade set up a checkpoint and started arresting Misrata citizens in a bid to exchange them with their confiscated vehicles.

Hearing the news of identity-based arrests, the Presidential Guard advanced toward the checkpoint in Sidi Al-Masri and clashed with Bashir Sadawi brigade for around an hour before both brigades withdrew to their barracks. No casualties were reported.