Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Unity announced Tuesday that there has been a glitch in its official Twitter account, noting that the Ministry's Documentation and Information Technology Office is working to recover the account. 

The ministry indicated that everything currently published in the account does not represent its opinion, and that it is communicating with the concerned authorities to take all legal measures in this regard, according to a statement on its Facebook account.  

On Monday night - Tuesday dawn, the Ministry's account was hacked with a post opposing to the extradition of the Libyan citizen, Abu Agila Masud Al-Maryami, to America, accused of an alleged role in the Lockerbie case, and considered the extradition in violation of international human rights law and Libyan law, and demanded an investigation into the incident. 

The post also referred to the speech of the head of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Dbeibah, addressing the Libyan people regarding this incident, in which he said that Abu Agila Masud, is accused of manufacturing explosives in the operation "that claimed the lives of more than 200" people, and that his name "was mentioned in the investigations two years ago." before his government assumed power, and an Interpol arrest warrant was issued against him, and therefore it became necessary to cooperate in this file.”