The former Hisbah building in Derna has been turned into a police station, three months after the expulsion of IS group from the city.

The Shura Council of the city said the headquarters of Hisbah, an Islamic term means promotion of virtue and the prevention of vice, would become a police station and shortly be opened pending the completion of maintenance works there.

On the other hand, a health complex was inaugurated Sunday to promote health services in the city. The new complex, which was previously allocated as headquarters for the Administrative Control Authority, will include departments for the Internal Medicine, Ophthalmology and Dermatology. The inauguration was sponsored by the Shura Council.

In other developments, the Shura Council of Derna has taken control of the Media Office of Daesh-IS and confiscated all the equipment there. The council pointed out that the equipment contains cameras and computers used by the group members for making propaganda for IS.

Meanwhile, the clashes between the fighters of Shura Council and IS militants are still raging on the outskirts of the city. A sporadic fighting erupted in Al-Fatayah region, the last stronghold of IS in the city, from where IS militants shell Al-Sahel Al-Sharqi district.