Libyan National Gathering, which has figures loyal to the regime of Moamar Gaddafi, held Wednesday its second conference in Tripoli and announced its intention to nominate candidates for the upcoming Libyan elections and any other political privileges “to salvage the country.”

Under the logo “One Country Accommodates All,” the gathering called on all Libyan stakeholders to activate a new roadmap that complements the action plan of the UNSMIL so communication channels can be found to engage all Libyan social components and parties in a comprehensive consensus.

“We call for a national conference that includes all Libyans to have reconciliation for the best interest of the country and to unite institutions such as security and military, central bank and others, which would end division among the fellow citizens.” The gathering’s final statement said.

It also called for enhancing the living conditions of the Libyan people, including cash in the banks and better medical as well as education services, saying it tasked its committees to have talks with the conflicting parties to reach consensus and end hostilities, in addition to launching a media and political campaign to make Libyans aware of their right to have a constitution law referendum.

“All displaced people must be allowed to return to their homes without complications. Needed logistics and infrastructure works must be done to meet their return as well.” The statement reads.

It also said it was glad to have seen the release of several prisoners.

“The current bodies on the scene don’t have the legitimacy to make pivotal decisions and agreements, which need a popular consensus.” The statement further adds.

The Libyan National Gathering held its first conference on August 15, 2016 in Asaba town under the slogan “National Reconciliation: Our Road to Future.”