The so-called 32nd Reinforced Brigade, a former armed group loyal to slain dictator Muammar Gaddafi, has been regrouped and joined Benghazi's ongoing clashes.

A video posted on social media on Saturday showed pro-Gaddafi militants with their heads wrapped in green taking part in Dignity Operation's fight for the control of besieged district of Ganfouda. The militants were cheering while three bodies from  rival groups were being displayed on a tank.

"Ganfouda is being liberated," one of the green militants chanted.

Dignity Operation and its media outlets are denying reports of presence of former Gaddafi brigades and mercenaries from Chad and Sudan in Benghazi.

In September,  Khalifa Haftar's militias seized the country's main oil ports in the oil crescent region with the help of rebels from Sudan and Chad.


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