The Special Deterrence Force (SDF) announced on Monday the arrest of a cell of seven people who are said to have links to the former regime of slain Gaddafi.

The cell, known as “the People’s Front for the Liberation of Libya”, was planning to stir unrest in the capital through assassinations, bombing, and other terrorist acts.

“The cell members have also set the zero hour for their military action in Tripoli,” the SDF reported.

The SDF also said that their plot was to move militarily toward Tripoli to encourage their sleeper cells to go to the streets and create chaos to facilitate their entry to the capital.

The cell was arrested inside a farm in south Tripoli.

Meanwhile, the Anti-Terrorism Unit of the Central Security Agency said that its demining unit succeeded Saturday in dismantling two remote controlled explosive devices.

In a statement, the unit explained that the explosive devices had been planted on the highway in Abu Salim district, noting that it has taken all necessary legal procedures, while the search for the offenders is still ongoing.

Security sources believe that the explosive devices are linked to the arrested cell of former regime.