The Head of the African Union Mission/ Minister of Foreign Affairs of Congo-Brazzaville, Jean-Claude Gakosso, has reiterated the AU's support for national reconciliation efforts in Libya and the building of a civil democratic state with free and fair elections under a legal framework.

Addressing an audience at a dialogue session on national reconciliation in Tripoli, the African diplomat said that he came to listen to the Libyans' vision of reconciliation and is fully prepared to help reach a genuine reconciliation between the conflicting parties, leading to the stage of elections, stability, and security.

Meanwhile, Vice President of the Presidential Council Abdullah Al-Lafi outlined in his speech before the session the African support for national reconciliation and its role in creating the conditions for its success.

He praised the AU for its cooperation and "willingness to provide technical and advisory support and to contribute with the Libyans in achieving this national project."

Al-Lafi called on the participants to present visions and proposals that enhance the success of the reconciliation project in preparation for the preparatory forum next month and before the first national conference for national reconciliation.