An official Gambian delegation will arrive in Tripoli on November 6 to negotiate the release of 400 Gambians held in Libyan detention centres.

The Gambian Foreign Ministry disclosed on Thursday that it started coordinating with the Gambian Society in Tripoli and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to return its nationals safely to their homeland.

The step comes in response to online videos circulated on social media showing Gambian migrants stranded in Libya.

According to the Gambian Foreign Ministry's data, around 248 of its nationals are present in Libya. The report did not disclose the nature of their presence, whether they were refugees or labour.

The Gambian ministry is also negotiating with the IOM Libya office to support the vulnerable migrants through special programs, including providing accommodation for 52 homeless Gambian migrants until a return flight is available.

A chartered flight was scheduled to fly a group of Gambians home on October 12, but for logistical reasons, it was postponed, pending arrangements with the IOM to program their repatriation again, according to the Gambian authorities.