Ras Jedir

The Head of the Joint Security Room, Major General Abdul Hakim Al-Khitouni, announced on Thursday that he had taken over the tasks of securing the Ras Ajdair border crossing from the General Staff of the Libyan Army.

Al-Khitouni, who also heads the Law Enforcement Department, said that the Minister of Interior of the Government of National Unity, Emad Al-Trabelsi, assigned the Department to remain at the border until handing it over to the relevant agencies charged with repairing, restructuring, and then operation, according to a video statement on the Department's Facebook page.

The Joint Security Room previously denied the withdrawal of its members from the Ras Ajdair border crossing, after footage was circulated on social media pages showing cars leaving the border, said to be belonging to the Room.

Ras Ajdair border has been closed since last March 18, following Al-Trabelsi's decision, which came against the backdrop of clashes on the border. On March 27, the Minister of the Interior formed a joint security room in coordination with the Chief of General Staff and the Attorney General's Office, responsible for establishing security and order in the border region with Tunisia, extending from the sea in the north to the borders of the Al-Issa region in the south.

Al-Trabelsi also formed a joint security room headed by Al-Khitouni to take over operations at the border and prepare to reopen it, announcing that this reopening will take place before Eid Al-Fitr (April 10).