Ras Jedir

The Joint Security Room denied the withdrawal of its members from the Ras Ajdair border with Tunisia after footage was circulated on social media showing vehicles, rumoured to be part of the Room's convoy, leaving the border.

The Room said that the vehicles that appeared in the footage didn't belong to it, adding that the attempt to use its name came within the framework of “spreading discord and provoking chaos".

The statement confirmed that everything was going well at the border as the head and members of the Room visited Ras Ajdair to assess the situation based on the instructions of the Minister of Interior Emad Al-Trabelsi, in coordination with the Chief of Staff Mohammed Haddad.

On Monday, the Head of the Joint Security Room, Abdulhakim Al-Khitouni, visited Ras Ajdair border to assess the security situation and the damage that occurred at the border on March 18. The Room said that it would prepare a report on the border in order to make arrangements to reopen it in coordination with the Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Army.