The Joint Security Room held its first meeting in the Al-Essa area on Wednesday evening to assign tasks to security patrols, in coordination with the Chief of General Staff of the Libyan Army in order to secure the border area with Tunisia.

The Minister of Interior of the Government of National Unity, Emad Al-Trabelsi, issued a decision to form a joint room in coordination with the Chief of General Staff and the Office of the Attorney General, to be responsible for establishing security and order in the border region with Tunisia, extending from the sea in the north to the borders of the Al-Essa region in the south, to support the security apparatuses and security directorates located from Sabratha to the Tunisian border.

The Ministry of Interior stated that the meeting discussed the Room's working mechanism and the tasks assigned to it by monitoring, following up and combating the phenomenon of illegal immigration and the smuggling of fuel, drugs, and goods of all kinds.

It said that the Room was also tasked with implementing the Minister of Economy and Trade’s Resolution (No. 61) of 2024 regarding banning the re-export of goods and products, in addition to exchanging information among relevant agencies to unify efforts and tighten control.