The Head of the High Council of the Amazigh of Libya, Al-Hadi Berqeek, criticized the statements of the Minister of the Interior, Emad Al-Trabelsi, regarding the security tensions witnessed at the Ras Ajdair border crossing with Tunisia.

Berqeek said the Government of National Unity is a caretaker government with limited powers, and it does not have the ability to bring about a change in the current situation.

"The sharp political division that the country is witnessing and the existence of two governments, in addition to the lack of consensus on a unified constitution, makes any proposed change unacceptable." He added. 

He described the actions of the Minister of the Interior as “lacking in professionalism and integrity,” considering that he is “unqualified to assume the duties of the ministry.” He also warned that “the actions carried out by Al-Trabelsi lead to tearing apart the social fabric and causing the government to lose its credibility, which brings the possibility of its overthrow.”

The Ras Ajdair crossing witnessed armed clashes a few days ago, immediately after the arrival of forces from the Law Enforcement Department of the General Administration of Security Operations to the crossing, as the security forces that had previously secured the crossing refused their presence.

The Ministry of Interior accused "outlaw groups" of opening fire on members of the Law Enforcement Department, announcing the closure of the crossing until further notice.

The Interior Minister granted an exceptional promotion to members of the law enforcement force who were assigned to go to Ras Ajdair “in honor for their implementation of instructions not to shoot at anyone and to withdraw from the border following the armed attack on them.”