The German ambassador to Libya, Christian Buck, has informed the Head of the Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sirraj that German Bundestag members wish to visit Libya in order to develop mutual relations.

Al-Sirraj's media office reported Thursday that the ambassador said Germany was willing to provide the needed support to make the upcoming elections - based on UNSMIL Head's action plan - in Libya successful.

"German embassy in Libya has started taking the necessary steps to return to Libya's capital, Tripoli this year." Buck told Al-Sirraj.

Al-Sirraj, meanwhile, told the German ambassador that Libya welcomes the return of the embassy to Tripoli, stressing that security situations in the capital are under control, sending warm welcomes to the Bundestag members, who wish to visit Libya soon.

"My government provided the High National Elections Commission with the necessary equipment and support for it to carry on with its work. Elections in Libya need an elections law and other needed measures." Al-Sirraj remarked, according to his media office.