Masked gunmen set fire to the house of the former Mayor of Ajdabiya and the member of the Libyan dialogue committee Salim Jodran in October 7 Neighborhood.

According to local sources, the gunmen are pro-Dignity Operation group called “Awliya Al-Dam” (Blood Owners). They gathered Monday evening with weapons and then headed to Jodran’s house as well as to the house of Ibrahim Nuwara, and then set them on fire.

The sources added that the gathering started after the social media users had begun circulating a video issued by Ajdabiya Operations Room of Haftar’s forces – including an alleged confession to killing and abductions in the city – with names coming up in that confession containing Salim Jodran and Ibrahim Nuwara as being responsible for those crimes.

Jodran’s family left Ajdabiya a year ago after Ibrahim Jodran’s forces were defeated by Haftar (Jodran’s old ally) and the latter’s control on oil terminals, which were under Ibarhim Jodran’s grip.

Ibrahim Jodran is the brother of Salim Jodran, whose house was burnt in Ajdabiya.

Fares and Ibrahim Jodran’s families – Salim’s brothers – were arrested in Tripoli by a security force before they had been released without any official claim of the detention.