Blast in Man-Made River pipeline

The Chief Prosecutor of Ajdabiya Primary Prosecution is investigating the rising water level of the Man-made River system that left several neighborhoods in the city submerged in water.

The Public Prosecutor's Office said in a statement that an investigation team was dispatched to the area to inspect the destruction and damage caused to properties.

"The team is now working to clarify what caused the accident and to determine the responsibilities in cooperation with the competent authorities," the statement read.

The Director of the MMRA Information Office, Salah al-Saadi, confirmed that a pipeline exploded at two o’clock in the morning after vandals looted valves from the station and attempted to link illegal connections.

He noted that water has to be discharged from the damaged line before even starting inspection and maintenance operations.

A large leakage in one of the pipes at the station (41 + 360) between Ajdabiya and Zueitina was caused by aggressors, resulting in parts of the February 17 neighborhood in Ajdabiya being flooded, the MMRA official added.

For his part, Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah directed the Ministry of Local Government and the Manufactured River Implementation and Management Authority to maintain the river line linking the cities of Ajdabiya and Benghazi.

He also ordered the formation of a committee to assess the damages resulting from the explosion of the pipeline, which caused material damage to roads, farms, and private properties.