Militias of warlord Khalifa Haftar announced on Thursday the launch of a military operation in the southern region to pursue what they said the "Takfiri terrorists."

A statement published by the command of Haftar's forces on Thursday stated that it had instructed units of the infantry battalions to head south to support the so-called Southwest Liberation Operations Room.

The leadership of Haftar's militias claimed in the statement that the operation aims "to hunt down the Takfiri terrorists and expel the African mercenary gangs that threaten security and stability and practice looting, theft, sabotage and smuggling activities."

Earlier, the commander of the military region of Sabha, affiliated with the government, Ahmed Al-Ataibi, revealed that a military force affiliated with Haftar consisting of around 300 armed vehicles moved into the southern region; Some of which are stationed at the Tamanhat Air Base, while their purpose and mission are unclear.

Military analysts anticipated that Haftar would carry out a military operation in the south, taking advantage of the suicide car bombing in Sabha, which killed two officers and wounded five others earlier this month.