A military convoy of Haftar's militias arrived on Wednesday afternoon at the Tamanhat Air Base, coming from the eastern region, media sources have reported.

Among the convoy was a force from the Kaniyat militia that aligned with Haftar in the offense on Tripoli.

On Tuesday, the Sabha Military Region warned of suspicious movements in southern Libya in light of the continued military mobilization in the Tamanhat Base.

The Sabha Miltary Region force warned it would not stand idly by if Haftar chooses to violate the ceasefire, holding the Defence Ministry liable for any breaches in the region.

Residents of Al-Jufra, Tamanhint, southern Sabha, and Sirte are suffering from continuing violations by the Russian Wagner mercenaries and the Janjaweed affiliated with Haftar and have repeatedly urged the authorities to put an end to these breaches.

The media center of the Volcano of Rage Operation has posted videos showing frequent Russian warplanes flying in the skies of Sirte and Al-Jufra.