Political activist Yousef Shaftar suffered several wounds after he had been attacked by gunmen loyal to Khalifa Haftar's forces, who stormed his house in Bani Walid town.

Shaftar is a political activist who supports the Gaddafi regime and opposes Haftar's forces and their war on Tripoli. He had been receiving threats of murder over the last year and an arrest warrant of him was issued in Benghazi two months ago.

Local sources said that members of Brigade 106 of Haftar's forces assaulted the activist's house and tried to kidnap him but failed as his brothers stepped in to prevent them, which led to an exchange of fire leading to Shaftar's injury, while the commander of the attacking group, Ali Al-Tabouli, was killed.

Meanwhile, the serial killer Mahmoud Al-Werfalli, who is wanted for war crimes in Libya by the International Criminal Court, has arrived in Bani Walid to convince the townsmen, mostly loyal to Gaddafi's regime, to join Haftar's war on Tripoli.

The Social Council of Werfalla Tribes rejected this week the presence of Haftar's forces in Bani Walid after Mahmoud Al-Werfalli was appointed as commander of a brigade inside the town, blaming Haftar's forces for the bloodshed caused by the ongoing conflict.