Some fighters from Khalifa Haftar's forces have lately withdrawn from frontlines in southern Tripoli due to fears that Coronavirus is spreading among foreign mercenaries fighting with them, according to news circulated on social media.

A circulated letter by Haftar's General Command warns fighters not to leave their positions over concerns that there are Coronavirus cases among the foreign mercenaries.

"All the cases that were reported from the friendly forces who came from abroad had tested negative. The news is fabricated." The letter says, adding that whoever circulates this information will be published.

Meanwhile, the Libyan Interior Ministry expressed concerns that Cham Wings airliner's flights from Damascus to Benghazi, bringing mercenaries, could help spread Coronavirus in the eastern region as those on board mixed with possible Coronavirus patients in the Syrian capital, which is under Iran's control.

Likewise, the spokesman for the Libyan Army Mohammed Gununu said the country should be careful regarding dealing with Haftar forces' prisoners of war to avoid contracting Coronavirus.