Gharyan was the scene for heavy fluctuating battles on Monday as Khalifa Haftar's forces advanced on the city's suburbs for awhile before Gharyan Protection Force fighters had turned tables on them and regained full control of the city's surrounding.

Haftar's forces attacked Gharyan from three axes with a heavy airpower cover, hitting targets on Ghout Al-Reeh, where they advanced a few kilometers as Gharyan Protection Force fighters pulled out fearing heavy airstrikes.

Other forces under Haftar's command moved on the city coming through Alasaba town - loyal to Haftar - and along with airstrikes of Haftar's drones, Gharyan Protection Force pulled out to the city center leaving all suburbs up to Tagharna - some 4km to downtown Gharyan.

In Tagharna, Gharyan Protection Force managed to regroup and received backup from western and central military zones along with Air Force's cover, thus; reengaging in the fighting against Haftar's forces and then retaking all positions in the suburbs of the city off to Jandouba Bridge - few kilometers from Alasaba town where Haftar's forces kicked off their attack.

In the meantime, the spokesman for Gharyan Protection Force Moataz Shanbar told The Libya Observer that they had captured the commander of the Gharyan Operations Room of Haftar's forces Fawzi Buharara as he was trying to flee through south parts of the city.

Haftar's forces have been concentrating on Gharyan over the last few days in an attempt to retake the city to boost the morale of the fighters.