Security Directorates in eastern Libya of the Interim Government ordered the shutdown of shops and restaurants that have Turkish names or have Turkish goods and foods, as per the orders of the general command of Khalifa Haftar's forces.

Abiding by the orders, Ajdabiya security directorate said it had arrested two Turkish nationals working in the city and closed all Turkish restaurants and shops, saying this act is aimed at abiding by the orders of Haftar's general command that says "Turkey is backing up terrorist groups in Libya."

The two Turks have been working and living in Ajdabiya for 20 years.

"All concerned authorities in southeastern Libya and oil crescent region to close all Turkish restaurants and shops." The security directorate said.

Meanwhile, the Turkish Defence Minister Huluski Akar warned that Haftar's forces would pay a "very heavy price" for any attacks on Turkish interests.

He told reporters after G20 Summit in Japan that any threats and attacks against Turkish interests or nationals would have a very strong response and "Turkey is ready to confront any hostile acts against it."