The commander of Gharyan Protection Force Abdullah Kishlaf said Khalifa Haftar's forces have been deploying fighters one more time to Urban town - 30 km to eastern Gharyan city.

Kishlaf told reporters that the new movements by Haftar's forces are another attempt to retake the city, adding that Gharyan Protection Force is ready to foil any new attacks.

He indicated that the Presidential Council's government had provided them with more military assistance and backup and that the force has public support in the region, which will make it easier to thwart any new offensive.

According to different sources, armored vehicles and tanks as well as ammunition arrived in Urban town on Sunday to the hands of Haftar's forces who are positioned in there before a possible attack on Gharyan.

A source close to Haftar's forces command said Haftar had given orders for regaining control of Gharyan before October this year.

"One reason for that is reassuring Haftar's supporters that he is still strong and capable of winning the war; the second is that Haftar thinks the forces securing Gharyan are weak and thus his forces who come from the same area and know the region well can win control. While the third reason is Haftar's desire to control strength positions to have a better and tougher negotiations' position if the international community managed to resume the political process." The source said.

On August 26, Haftar's forces attacked Gharyan under a cover of heavy airstrikes in an attempt to retake the city, but failed and was delivered a heavy loss of fighters and military equipment.