The Libyan Army said Saturday that 17 civilian men from the western region were released by Khalifa Haftar's forces, who held them based only on their identity cards information.

The spokesman for the Sirte-Jufra Operations Room, Abdelhadi Drah, said the "17 prisoners" arrived at the 50km checkpoint in western Sirte under the supervision of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission.

Drah said Haftar's side carried out this release without a similar process on the Libyan Army's side, adding that the released men arrived in Misrata to undergo medical tests and then go to their houses.

Meanwhile, members of the 5+5 Joint Military Commission, who attended the release of the prisoners, said they won't let go of the national effort to end war and open the road as well as release all prisoners from both sides, in addition to removing landmines and mercenaries from the country to achieve national reconciliation.

The 17 men weren't part of the Libyan Army or backup forces during the 2019 offensive by Haftar's forces on Tripoli, rather, they were civilians in areas Haftar's forces controlled at the time and they got arrested for their political views.