The so-called social coordinator in southern Libya for the self-styled army of Khalifa Haftar Ali Al-Tabawi has resigned over "racial discrimination."

The coordinator said Saturday that racism and robbery in Sabha and Ghadwa town reaffirm the need for a national army that cares for the protection of people and constitution not tribal militias who had wreaked havoc in the country, especially in Sabha.

Haftar's forces launched last month an operation in southern Libya aiming to "secure the southern region against foreign mercenaries and terrorism."

On Friday, four of Haftar-commanded fighters were killed and three others were injured due to clashes in Ghadwa town in southern Libya.

An official at the World Health Organization (WHO) said the fighting had killed 14 and wounded 64, mostly from the "Haftar's opponents."

Meanwhile, Tabu National Gathering condemned the actions of Haftar's forces in southern Libya as they have among them conflicting tribes and thus helping - logistically and militarily - some tribes over others.

Haftar's forces in southern Libya are made up from Awlad Sulaiman tribe including Brigade 128 headed by Hassan Al-Zadma, and Deterrence Brigade led by Masoud Al-Jadi, which is at odds with Tabu tribesmen.

A military operations room is based in southern Libya and includes opponents of Tabu and Gaddafi tribes in the region.